Monday, May 22, 2006

Music and water melon

I absolutely love Rocky Votolato. His poetry is incredible, and I wish I could write that well. He doesn't have a fantastic voice (not that it's bad or anything, it just isn't what makes his music stand out), but his melodies and lyrics are completely amazing. You can tell, especially by listening to "Uppers aren't Necessary" that he gets some of his inspiration from Simon and Garfunkle, another one of my favorite bands. I also love Rilo Kiley. All of their song lyrics say exactly what I would say if I was smart and eloquent and brave enough, and they do it with incredible music. The lead singer also has a great voice. Another great group is Jump Little Children. They also have great poetry and their songs range from catchy and easy to sing along to to utterly hypnotic, while not sounding at all stupid. Which you realize is a great feat once you've listened to other music out there.
I also wanted to talk about water melon. I love water melon. I've wanted some since during art today when Spike asked brooklyn if he was going to eat melon along with his Mr. Robb sandwich up on his stool. I'm surprised I could even think about eating after hearing the words "Mr. Robb sandwich", but there's the way my mind works for you.


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