Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Frau Jansen

Even thought we don't have her anymore and school is almost out she is an inevitable topic and was bound to come up sometime (I guess that is the definition of inevitable. Pardon my redundancy, it's 7:20 a.m.). I have said it so many times, but I'll put it down in writing (of a sort). She would make a fine grandmother. A terrific first through maybe third grade german teacher. And she is a perfectly fine person. But high school german teacher? NONONO! She seems to be confused on every single topic she talks about. She begins to tell us about how her town in Germany is the greatest town for "young people", and then the next minute she's saying that our homework is to bring something in fro show and tell. What?? She refers to us a "teenagers" but treats us like four year olds. As the year progressed, it got worse and worse. Whenever she asks anyone to read, she reads along with them, under her breath. I don't tolerate it, because I find it annoying, and it makes me question whether I'm reading correctly. If she ever begins to read over me, I stop reading. She stops and looks at me with a polite confused look. I ask, in my sweetest honey with pwdered sugar on top voice, "Were you going to read, or did you want me to?" She's flustered for a moment and then lets me continue without interruption.
That's all there's time for for now, but trust me there is a lo-o-0-o-o-t more.


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