Saturday, June 03, 2006

Acting and the Survey Trip

I went and saw the eighth grade's play last night, "You Can't Take it with You". Quite a few of them are actually very good actors. I have to be sure to do drama club next year, because I'm sure the play will be incredible. They will probably be taking our classes current title of "Drama Class" which we never really asked for in the first place, so it won't be any great loss. Chelsey's sister, especially did so much research for her role and has the Irish accent down almost perfectly. She was incredible. Chelsey is also a very good actress, but cares more for her horses, which is understandable.
The Pistons lost last night, and while carly may be able to see a good side to it, I can't, not yet, at least.
I want a new Stars Hollow Podcast. They always put me in a good mood, and now that I'm going on the trip and I won't be able to update my ipod for ten days I'd like to get the latest one before I go.
I got an incredible urge to act last night. I miss so much, doing a class play at the end of the year. Agamemnon was ok, but because it wasn't something every class did and it was made to seem optional at the beginning when it really wasn't, there just wasn't the solidarity and excitement surrounding it like there is for an end of the year play. Also, our work load in other classes wasn't reduced, which was also one of the most enjoyable things of doing a lower school play.
I hope the survey trip goes well. I'm worried about who is my cooking partner, who will be in my group to survey with. I hope, that just because I'm a more advanced math student I'm not placed with people who will treat the surveying as something that's not important at all, when it's still school, and I think that the math part could be sort of fun.


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