Friday, March 06, 2009

Real Blog Post

All right, I know it's been all memes lately. So here's an actual update.
It is the beginning of March! It is actually warm outside and I am loving it! I don't have too much work this weekend, so maybe I will actually enjoy it.
This blog entry is already starting to sound cheesy which is what usually happens when I don't have something specific in my mind to write about, so I need to quick come up with something witty and insightful to write.

I find I am itching to go somewhere, specifically Europe. I may sound like a spoiled brat, but when April comes around, it will be the first time in two years when I wasn't out of the country for part of that month. Actually, the first time in two years I wasn't in Germany for part of that month. I miss Italy immensely and wish that I could go back for a lot longer. It's very disappointing that Allegheny does not have study abroad opportunities there (although not surprising, since they don't offer Italian as a language).
Anyway, the point of this is that I am discovering that I am one of those people who really likes to travel. I always thought that I was the sort of person that liked to stay in one place, not someone who was necessesarily afraid to go abroad, but someone who was content with home. Well, that is not the case. I have an almost literal thirst for travel. I suppose it's not really even travel in general that I feel I need, but more specifically going to Europe.

I don't know if other people ever felt like this, but I kind of have the feeling that college is limiting me. I mean, last year, towards the end of my senior year in high school, I had this feeling that there were so many options (not about where I was going to school, that was already finalized) for what I could do in the next four years. It wasn't overwhelming; it was just exhilarating. I guess college is just more realistic. I feel like there are only a couple things I will get to take advantage of here and that I have to fold myself into a box to be able to graduate in four years. It's not just committing to a major that feels restricting, but even choosing my extra-curriculars feels like I've defined myself and now there is no room to go back on my choices (No! I'm not a musician, I'm an actor! No! I do community service! No! I write! I want to work for the newspaper! No! I play the flute! No! etc.) Maybe I'm timid; I don't deny that at all. But I still have a feeling that I don't have the time or mental capacity to do everything that I want to do.

Oh well, I still have three years, right???


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