Friday, September 22, 2006

What does it say?

I'm not the only one. My perception of something changes if I know what another person thinks of it. Many of my opinions are solely my own, but many have just been expanded upon in my mind in a way of thinking that is unique to me. If one person likes a certain song it becomes angsty and annoying, but if another person likes it, it becomes profound. It depends on my perception of the person and not so much they're perception of the song. I have expectations for how everything is going to turn out, and thats why I'm a writer. I have the stories in my head and they're a solid and real part of my everyday life though I'm the only one who knows about them.
I want to do things a certain way and it doesn't matter at all. I wonder if there's a word for a person who obsesses about behavioral details. If I'm sitting and talking to someone, whether I know them well or not, I always make not of how they're sitting. Are their legs crossed, how do they have their feet, what are they doing with their hands? So it's not really a creepy thing if I have the habits of this manner in my friends memorized. I always notice hands. Some people have fingers that are long and graceful. These people tend to be female, and this feature looks a little odd in a guy, but some do have it. Something I consider very attractive in a guy is muscular and graceful hands. Not graceful in a femine way, but in a strong way, a little like a bird, but that doesn't make any sense.
So what does this say about me? I don't know if it's good or bad that I use the ideas of other people to base mine upon, because in such a minute way as this, I think that everyone does. But should I concentrate on a bigger picture instead of the details I love so much?


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