Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Loo-o-ong time

Ok, not going to go through what happened last year. That would just be stupid.
I'm sitting at my dad's house listening to DSC 603 from May 17. Oh boy did I miss some podcasts while I was in Germany. I got quite backed up.

I have loads of plans for the summer. I'm trying to earn money, cos I think it would be nice to go on the Italy trip instead of just seeing pictures of it. I have to babysit Jake. I'm trying to read a lot. I have to finish my internship journal and mail that and my evaluation to Mr. Williams. I have to get my math to Mr. Perrin. Oh crap I'm making myself depressed.

So instead of messing around on here (which I'm going to try to do more regularly but no guarantees, duh) I think I'll go read some.

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