Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spur of the Moment

So I've decided to participate in BEDA, Blog Every Day April. Yeah. So this is probably not going to be very interesting, but...

Here we go. It's Wednesday, obviously, and it's my busiest day. Not very interesting day, but busy, none the less.

Trying very hard to come up with something to write. Hmm. Well, I could do one of those things where I just write about some small little detail in my life in order to better understand it. Yes, I think I will.

I'll talk about why I want to minor in music. Which is actually a not so small detail of my life, but whatever.

So, I've played flute since fifth grade. I loved it then, but I think I may love it even more now. I wanted to keep playing in college, and I have, but if I want to play all four years, then the only thing that really makes sense is to minor in music. Well, I have no problem with minoring in music. I would LOVE to major in German and minor in music. However. My school, Allegheny College, requires that you minor in a subject that is in a different division than your major. There are three divisions: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Well, of course, music and German are both in the Humanities, so I need to minor in something else which means I will be very, very, stressed, but hopefully I will graduate in four years. Yes, theoretically I could just major in German and minor in Classical Studies, my "graduation minor", and only the music classes I want, but if I'm going to be paying for lessons and spending that much time with my instrument, it seems like I should get some kind of recognition for it. Also, I would like to go to graduate school, and, theoretically, if I had a music minor I could teach private flute lessons to middle and high school students and use that to support myself through grad school. I could charge a better rate for lessons if I had a degree and I would have a more flexible time schedule than I would with a more traditional job.

So, there you have the reasons I want to minor in music. Both the impractical: I love it and cannot imagine life without playing my flute, and the practical: supporting myself through grad school.

Tomorrow I will discuss why I think the graduation minor is an idea that needs to be relooked at or completely scrapped. Or maybe not tomorrow. I mean, I have all month and I am a fabulous procrastinator.

Till then,


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