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Saturday, August 04, 2007

So life lately is summery. That means I'm busy, have no time, and yet I still feel lazy and that I'm accomplishing nothing.
Car's right. There really is only one person in our class I don't like. And it's less of disliking that person, because, honestly I respect him.
What I can't stand is people who complain about their own abilities. If you feel you can't accomplish something, fine. But please at least try rather than sitting around and complaining about it. The problem about me being the one saying this is that I simply don't face those challenges. I'm not bragging; school in general comes easily to me. But I understand the feeling of incapability. I think that's probably universal. So I guess I feel I have a right to get annoyed when someone who has demonstrated that he can be insightful, artistic, and passionate decides to waste his time whining and complaining when he could simply be trying.
Also, I'm not generally fond of people who call me bitch for just wanting to get on with a class.
I'm excited for Maine.
I miss my class.

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