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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Frau Jansen

Even thought we don't have her anymore and school is almost out she is an inevitable topic and was bound to come up sometime (I guess that is the definition of inevitable. Pardon my redundancy, it's 7:20 a.m.). I have said it so many times, but I'll put it down in writing (of a sort). She would make a fine grandmother. A terrific first through maybe third grade german teacher. And she is a perfectly fine person. But high school german teacher? NONONO! She seems to be confused on every single topic she talks about. She begins to tell us about how her town in Germany is the greatest town for "young people", and then the next minute she's saying that our homework is to bring something in fro show and tell. What?? She refers to us a "teenagers" but treats us like four year olds. As the year progressed, it got worse and worse. Whenever she asks anyone to read, she reads along with them, under her breath. I don't tolerate it, because I find it annoying, and it makes me question whether I'm reading correctly. If she ever begins to read over me, I stop reading. She stops and looks at me with a polite confused look. I ask, in my sweetest honey with pwdered sugar on top voice, "Were you going to read, or did you want me to?" She's flustered for a moment and then lets me continue without interruption.
That's all there's time for for now, but trust me there is a lo-o-0-o-o-t more.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Music and water melon

I absolutely love Rocky Votolato. His poetry is incredible, and I wish I could write that well. He doesn't have a fantastic voice (not that it's bad or anything, it just isn't what makes his music stand out), but his melodies and lyrics are completely amazing. You can tell, especially by listening to "Uppers aren't Necessary" that he gets some of his inspiration from Simon and Garfunkle, another one of my favorite bands. I also love Rilo Kiley. All of their song lyrics say exactly what I would say if I was smart and eloquent and brave enough, and they do it with incredible music. The lead singer also has a great voice. Another great group is Jump Little Children. They also have great poetry and their songs range from catchy and easy to sing along to to utterly hypnotic, while not sounding at all stupid. Which you realize is a great feat once you've listened to other music out there.
I also wanted to talk about water melon. I love water melon. I've wanted some since during art today when Spike asked brooklyn if he was going to eat melon along with his Mr. Robb sandwich up on his stool. I'm surprised I could even think about eating after hearing the words "Mr. Robb sandwich", but there's the way my mind works for you.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

My first entry

There is nothing more ironic than prom.
I attend a small private school. We have a total of about 100 students, but this total fluctuates frequently because a good number of our students go on exchange to foreign countries, including Germany, Peru, and France. Because our school is so small, prom is open to everyone. I am a sophomore and I went to prom for the first time last night. I wasn't impressed. the decorations were beautiful and on the elaborate end of the scale. This year's theme being "Les Lumieres a Paris" they included tiny little candles almost everywhere and a huge model of the Eiffel Tower. This was probably the best part. I arrived to find that only four of my classmetes were there (this was about 8:15 p.m.) and all of them (as far as I could tell) were high. Prom may be a special night, but it still takes place in school, and while I personally don't care who gets high where, I would prefer it not be around me or at my school. You don't do that, it's immature, not to mention illegal. So as more people began to arrive, their reactions ranged from non-chalant to enraged at the aforementioned students who took drugs and messed up prom. Eventually these people were simply ignored.
Until about nine o'clock there was a jazz combo playing, and afterwards there was a dj. The music was passable. The oddest thing about the dancing was that when I was out on the dance floor (not very large) I kept noticing couples that I didn't recognize. It's one thing to see someone you know dancing with someone you don't. The case would probably be that they have a boyfriend or girlfriend who attends another school and since everyone from our school attending prom is allowed to bring up to two guests, such a scenario is conceivable. But if i see a pair of people I don't know, I must assume that someone invited a couple of friends and then either was abandoned by them or vice-versa. That's kinda weird.
Those are pretty much my main impressions on prom. It wasn't a very memorable experience, but not a bad one, either.